Questions about ghost producers

  • What is the price for a track?

    We don’t have a fixed price for a track.
    It depends on your task, references, ideas, amount and complexity of work.
    Moreover, the price is influenced by your desire to purchase the DAW project file and the distribution of copyrights and royalties.
    You have to describe the details as much as you can, so producer will be able to analyze it and make you a price offer.
    However, you should know that our service and quality is premium and we don’t work with budgets lower than €1000.

  • Could you do mixing & mastering or improve my track with new sound-design and tricks?

    Yes, sure.
    Just choose the producer which you prefer, select lowest budget and describe your task
    We can do a less time consuming job for lower price, so you wouldn’t have to pay €1000 just for mixing & mastering 🙂

  • How can I buy and pay for a track?

    We need a 10% payment of the total price in advance to start with the custom track production.
    The payment is an evidence of a serious intention of your order.
    You can always refund it if you don’t like the demo and don’t wish to continue working with us.
    Once demo is amproved and contract is signed we require you to pay the rest 90% of price.
    You will be able to pay an invoice through PayPal with credit card by sending us your account’s email.
    Or you can pay with bank transfer to our USA or European account in USD or EURO.
    An additional 5% commission fee is charged for PayPal payments.
    There is no fee charged if you pay via bank transfer.

  • What do I get when I buy a track?

    You will get a mixed and mastered track package, ready for label and radio release which includes:
    WAV & MP3 Master File
    Wav No-Master File
    Wav Stems (Individual track files)
    MIDI files

    You can also buy DAW project file (like FL Studio, Cubase, Logic X, Ableton Live) for extra price.

  • Do you make vocal tracks?

    Yes, please, check the vocal page and vocal faq below on this page for more info.

  • What can I do with the track I’ve bought?

    When you buy a track on our platform you obtain 100% of the copyrights.
    You become the sole and exclusive owner of the track.
    It means that you may use the track in whichever way you want.
    You can present yourself as the owner and exploit it commercially in whichever way you want.
    You don’t need to credit and put the producer’s name in a title.

    However, there is an option when you can keep the producer’s copyright credits, but not to add him in the title of track.
    If the label is big and you want to share royalties with the producer – then you can save your budget on flat fee paid to the producer.
    Just let us know which type of deal you are looking for – full buy-out or copyright split and we’ll help you.

  • Is our deal confidential?

    Yes, it is.
    All the producers working on this platform have accepted our terms and conditions – it means that they are legally obliged to comply with our confidentiality agreement.

  • Can I refund payment or exchange a track?

    We can refund you only first 10% of advance payment if you are not satisfied with a demo and don’t wish to continue working with us.
    Once you approve demo and pay final 90% of payment you can not refund total order amount.

  • What if I don’t like my demo?

    No problem, you can request the producer for a new demo and tweak it until you’ll be satisfied.
    Keep in mind that the producer will not make you a bunch of demos for choice working on a lower budgets.However, if your budget is bigger – producer can provide more than 2 revisions.
    Demo will be made specifically based on your ideas and references.
    Once you confirm the demo idea you can request tweaks it until the track sounds perfect.

  • Am I able to talk directly to a producer?

    You will be able to talk with producer only via email.
    No facebook, skype or phone calls are allowed.
    Producers and clients must work exclusively through email and respect our rules.
    Producer is not allowed to share his personal details, contacts and payment accounts.

  • Can I buy a track from producer’s portfolio?

    All portfolio tracks are made exclusively for our platform to represent producer’s quality and ideas.
    We don’t really want them to be sold, because the producer will have to make a replacement on sold track.
    But we can negotiate sale of such tracks for big, interesting budget.

  • How much time it takes to make a track?

    Usually production of demo takes 1 week and then 1-2 more weeks more finish production.

  • Does the producer have a possibility to work with my files? (Midi, acapella, stems)?

    Yes, he can not only make new tracks from scratch, but also improve your own track, create bootlegs, remixes, mash-ups, dj intros and many more audio services.

  • Can I get the project file?

    Yes! Check out which DAW producer is working at his profile.
    If it’s your desired DAW – then during your request note that you are looking for project file.
    It will increase the budget, because producer will share his source file with all processing and sound-design knowledge.

  • The project file may contain external plugins?

    Yes, the client should know that the project file will contain external plugins from 3rd party developers.
    Producer doesn’t provide information on plugins installations, cracks and purchase.
    It is the client’s responsibility.
    Producer can’t guarantee whether he is going to use certain plugins or not.
    It’s a creative process which we can’t control.

  • I’m a producer and I want to work for your company, what shall I do?

    We are very picky about hiring producers.
    We hire 1 producer out of 100 requests.
    If you feel that you have a better quality than our producers – send your portfolio to demo@ghostproducers.com

Questions about vocal service

  • I already have my song, but I still need a vocal. Do you do re-recordings of songs?

    Yes, we are able to deliver re-recordings as well.
    The same conditions apply as with a regular vocal request, meaning that we charge a flat-fee as well as a 50% royalty split of the artist share.

  • When I pay for the vocal, do I also buy-out the royalties of the vocal?

    No, the payment of the fee is only for the production of the vocal.
    Our vocalists are still entitled to 50% royalties of the artist share (=what artist gets from the label).

  • When I pay for the vocal, do I also buy-out the copyright of the song?

    No, the payment of the fee is only for the production of the vocal.
    Our songwriters are still entitled to 50% copyright.

  • Does the vocalist get a featuring credit?

    This always depends on a title-basis: sometimes the vocalist wants to get featured, sometimes not.

  • Is there a release commitment?

    From the moment you purchase the vocal, you have 12 months to secure a label deal and release your song.
    In case you cannot find a label, you should consult us.
    We could then help you find a label or advise you to release the song independently.

  • What is the difference between the various budget ranges?

    All fees payable are subject to our vocalist/songwriters and depend on i.e. credits, song, etc.
    In other words, for a higher budget range you have a wider variety of vocalists/songwriters working on your track.

Questions about artist management

  • I have questions about artist management, may I ask them before I purchase the consulting / administration service?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible. You have to pay for services, set the meeting and then ask questions to our consultant.

  • What time does artist manager prefer for a session?

    He lives in Europe and prefers 11:00 to 16:00 CET time excluding weekend.

  • Do I have to speak English in order to use artist management service?

    Definitely! It wouldn’t be possible to speak another language rather than English.

  • How should I prepare for a call?

    Usually we recommend to prepare all your social media links, releases, desired goals and important questions which you might have in a text file.
    So that your session will be organised and you wouldn’t have to waste time on thinking about what you would like to learn.

  • Is it possible to have this service via email?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible. This session has to be live.

  • How can I pay for it?

    We need 100% payment in advance in order to set the meeting.
    You will be able to pay an invoice through PayPal with credit card by sending us your account’s email.
    And yeah, we do accept Bitcoin, welcome to the future! 😉

  • May I get a refund for administration / consulting service?

    It is only possible if the manager canceled the meeting and was not able to re-schedule it.
    If you can’t make it on time – then you have an opportunity to change meeting time once.

Questions about promotion services

  • I payed you to be signed on “xxxxxx” or other similar label, but you didn’t manage to do that. Why your service is so bad?

    When you are paying for our service there is no guarantee that it will be signed to your preferred label.
    There are many factors which influence your successful label deal, and sometimes we cannot affect it.
    Do not be discouraged, because failures happen in the music industry often.
    This does not mean that you need to stop.
    This means that for this track you need to find another label, and we will help you in this.
    We’ll find a label that will also have strong artists in the roster and a great promo pool for your release.
    Or we will issue a refund for uncompleted service.

  • What are the terms of deadline and refund on label signing service?

    Deadline: 30 days from payment date to receive a contract.
    Refund: 15 days after getting official refuse on track.
    Sometimes A&R’s change their mind even after refusing track for the first time.

  • What are the terms of deadline and refund on getting my track into DJ’s playlist?

    Deadline: 40 days from payment date to get featured in playlist.
    Refund: 15 days after getting official refuse on track or 40 days after payment if track wasn’t played/featured in playlist.
    Sometimes DJ(s) change their mind even after refusing track for the first time.

  • How will you confirm that the service is done?

    The confirmation of signing your track to a label will be an official contract from the preferred label.
    The confirmation of your track in playlist will be a track-list of radio-show or dj set from official recourses of preferred DJ.

  • If I order a track from your ghost producers, can you guarantee that it will be signed to a label or played by my favorite DJ?

    No, we wouldn’t guarantee that.

  • Can I get a refund on track purchased from one of your ghost producers if I wouldn’t get signed to a label or played by my favorite DJ?

    No, there is no refund on tracks ordered from our ghost producers.
    You can only issue a refund on promotion services if we failed to deliver them.

Questions about graphic design

  • What shall I give you in order to start making design for me?

    Think of your branding guidelines as your company’s personality.
    It’s how the world recognizes you and connects with you.
    It is of great importance to present always a unified vision of your brand, one that will represent all the quarters of your venture to your prospects.
    Send us links of your favourite logos, references, ideas and describe your vision as much as you could.

  • What is your design workflow?

    Studying the brief -> Research -> Sketching -> Refining sketches in pen -> Sending to you for approval -> Scanning -> Refining the best pieces in vector

  • Can we work in different style then your portfolio?

    Sure, any style! Let’s chat, study your brief, ideas and references!

  • Can you design my social media, website or another web source?

    Yes, we can do whatever you want for an extra price. Let me know more details.

  • Is there a free preview?

    No, you have to pay 100% of price in order to start working.

  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like the design?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible.
    On the GhostProducers.com platform you can see designer’s portfolio before you get a service from him, so you know whom exactly you are going to work with.
    You have to describe a technical task before we start as much detailed as you could, so we wouldn’t get in misunderstanding. Once you pay you agree with designer’s signature style.