Bring your track to life with our vocals


A great song always has great lyrics, melodies and vocals.
But if you are a producer or DJ, where should you go to find the right singer and songwriter for your track?
Finding the perfect voice, lyrics and melody for your project can be timeconsuming: some singers cannot produce their own vocals, some songwriters cannot sing.
And who wants to wait 6 months to finish a track?
Fortunately you don’t have to look any further, because we are here to help you!
Our multi-platinum selling songwriters can transform your track into a polished song and our award winning vocal producers and singers can lay down the perfect vocals for your track.

We turn your track into an outstanding song!

We’ve made it our mission.
All you have to do is to submit your track and within 2 weeks you will receive a demo.
If you like the demo, our team will proceed on improving it till you are satisfied.
If you don’t like the demo, our songwriters and singers will make a new demo.

Submit your track
Submit your track