How to get my music signed? How to play at Tomorrowland? How to get my music monetized? How to start touring? How do I get on a radio? Do I need a manager? Mechanical and public performance royalties? Is it ok to sell a cover song officially?
These and other questions are something all artists can relate to.
Electronic Dance Music nowadays is something bigger than just a stage, it’s a global phenomenon: a big and growing industry, that thousands of artists from all over the world are dreaming to become a part of. EDM offers great prospects but also sets the bar for both creativity and business.

The rules are changing every day – and high competition level, regular appearance of new platforms, apps and services are no way making it any easier. Only a few of those looking for a success manage to do it! Their tools are simple yet not available for everyone: expertise and relevant knowledge can hardly be found anywhere online. These are the things that will significantly increase your chances to get noticed on the EDM scene.


Price per hour

Career troubleshooting, tips and tricks

Growth of strategy development and target of audience determination

Help in choosing your dream-team (management, booking agent, lawyer, business manager, PR, etc.)

Copyright in music and monetisation


Price per hour

Negotiations with your partners (labels, booking agents, promoters, publishing partners etc.)

Royalty collection and statements’ revision

Music registration (author societies, publishing, neighbouring rights)

Business-processes optimisation and data processing (music catalogue, agreements, etc.)


He is one of those people who became the determining factor in the success of many global DJ’s.
During his management career, he’s been working with Arty / Alpha9 and Matisse & Sadko, currently managing a rising super-star Madison Mars and running his own label.


If you are looking for a consultant on a flexible basis then you have to pre-book an hourly consultation session.
Minimum is a 2 hours period for the first time, because we have to get known each other, dive in your music profile and analyze your opportunities.

If you are not a newcomer and already in a business for quite some time then it’s good for you to get our administration service.
The price is flexible, negotiable and depends on the amount of work. Contact us to discuss details.

Artist management services are available only for the English-speaking customers.
Services are provided by pre-scheduled phone call (or Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and other voice services).
No emailing, facebook and other text messages, because the consultant doesn’t have time to text and prefers live interaction with people.
Send us a request with the preferred date, time and method of call and wait for the confirmation on your email.
Once we set the date you’ll pay an invoice and wait for your call. It is possible to reschedule the meeting only once in case of emergency. Payment is not refundable.